Saturday, 19 April 2014

Making & Doing - the Easter Edition..

It's such a joy to spend the long weekend together in our new home.  It's the first opportunity since moving back, we've all be able to spend longer than a weekend together as a family and the everyday moments, baking and gardening are proving to be the most precious family time.

 I love creating new traditions and this year seems to be the perfect opportunity to try out some new things we've had on our family to do list. The first was to make our own hot 'heart' buns.. what an adventure.  While not overly difficult, they take time and accuracy to get them just right.  I made a little batch of nine using the traditional CWA recipe that the inspiring Kirsten suggested. I must say, they were a labour of love and I'm so happy I put the effort in, they were totally worth it.  A little wonky, probably could have had the oven up higher and added a little more mixed spice, but all in all, a yummy and satisfying new tradition and that I can't wait for Tallow to help me with for many years to come.    

We finally caught up on the second Hobbit film.  We decided it was inevitable that with a running time of over two and a half hours, that we would never see it in one sitting, so we watched it over the whole day, in between kneading dough, feeding time, laundry and searching for the dog (who got spooked by a low flying eagle and hid from us for half the day).  I loved the Hobbit growing up (I always kept a copy on my bedside table) and have been amazed at how vividly it's been captured.        

We are slowly working on our back patio, adding a little potting table, lots of hanging pots, herbs and greenery. Now all need to find is the perfect outdoor table setting and some fairy lights and we'll be ready for an Autumn dinner party. 

Inspired by the lovely Gaby we are looking forward to a no buy month in May and I'm also excited to be taking part in Mindful in May too.  It seems like a great time for personal challenges.  I just have to remind myself to invest in some slippers and warm socks before our no spending starts as these Autumn nights are getting wonderful and crisp.  

I'm loving this home, Pia's beautiful raw and honest post, these beautiful wares and this sweet collaboration.   And I am beyond delighted and truly humbled to receive a place in this year's Kidspot Hall of Fame, beside so many of my favourite bloggers, who have greatly inspired my blogging journey over the past six years.  

Tomorrow we are planning a picnic in the garden, followed by planting out some new seedlings, reworking a table Ben made me a few years ago and an afternoon walk in our favourite park.  

And Easter wouldn't be complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny, so a little basket was thrifted this morning and filled with some sweet books, a cute cardigan, a wooden teething rattle and a little handmade retro tea towel bunny.  It's sitting on the fireplace next to our Easter vignette, ready for Miss Tallow's first Easter morning.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful long weekend whatever you are up to.
Happy Easter!
Much love

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Six Months..

Dearest Tallow,

Oh my sweet little girl, you are growing up so fast! Right now you are six and half months and my goodness that time have flown by! This month it seems you are learning something new everyday. You love to crawl (in your fabulous quirky style) and each day you are becoming a little more adventurous and eager to check out your new home.  You are Olive are becoming best of friends and you love giving her pats and kitty cuddles. After starting off a little unsure, you're growing to love dinner time (especially with Daddy) and you're favourite foods so far have been pumpkin, spinach and pears. You've made lots of lovely new friends this month and been to your very first birthday party. Although you've been a little bit shy around strangers lately, when you get to know people you're always full of smiles. Tallow you're quite the chatter box and in the last few weeks you've been full of cute words and sounds (ha, la, da and ta are your favourites to say especially loudly).  And guess what, you're finally enjoying little adventures in the car, which means our first family weekend away might finally be around the corner. Oh Miss Tallow Frankie, you're so much fun, you fill us with joy everyday and we are so lucky you found us!

You Like:
Your favourite book - That's not my puppy
Your favourite song - Happy (which you love to dance to with Mummy)
Playing in the backyard with Daddy
Helping Mummy put the washing out

You Dislike:
 Having your face wiped clean
Getting ready for bed
Strangers (until you get to know them)
Your highchair

We love you more than all the pretty Autumn leaves!

Much Love

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Decorating & Daisy Chain Love..

As part of my thirty goals for 2014, I really wanted to celebrate the seasons and embrace handmade holidays.  And what easier way than to decorate the fireplace throughout the year, with handmade and thrifted delights to create cheerful seasonal vignettes. I've missed having a fireplace so much! They are just the perfect place for pretty things and I'm extra in love with our new one, just check out that chevron brick!

 I always have a giggle when Easter rolls around and everywhere on Pinterest there's lovely pictures of Spring, pastels and flowers galore, while here in Australia we are in the midst of Autumn and I'm all about the beautiful leaves and golden hues.  One day I'll get really adventurous and decorate for Easter using Autumn colours, but this year I couldn't resist a joining the floral love and the one flower I love most for Easter decorating is daisies.  I'm not sure why but I always feel that daisies go hand in hand with Easter, perhaps it's that wonderful bright yellow or their simple sweetness. Either way, I think they are just a bit perfect! So alongside my handmade vignette, (made up of thrifted, gifted and handmade bits and pieces from around our home, including an embroidery by the fabulous Laura from Kit & Nancy) is my nod to the fabulous daisy.  My Easter decorating would not be complete without a little crochet garland.  Last year I made a rainbow of granny squares and this year I just couldn't resist a daisy chain. I've had a few lovely folks ask about the pattern (which I really just made up as I went along), so for those interested I've written it below. I hope it helps to add a little daisy love to your home this Easter!


Crochet Daisy Pattern..
(Note: Written using US terminology) 

You'll need: Yellow and white yarn (I used 4ply cotton) & a 5mm crochet hook 

To create one daisy -
Using yellow yarn, chain 4, then slip stitch to create a ring. 
Chain 2, then double crochet 11 times into the ring to create the centre of the daisy. Fasten off with a slip stitch. 
Change colours to white and chain 2. 
Then into the base of the same stitch, 2 treble crochet (tc), 1 double crochet (dc). This will make the first petal. 
Single crochet (sc) into the next stitch. 
Then (1 dc, 2 tc, 1 dc into the next stitch followed by a sc into the next stitch)*. 
Repeat * stitches around circle to create six petals with a sc between each. 
When you are back at the beginning, slip stitch into the base of the first petal and tie off and weave in ends.
Repeat to make as many as you like! 

To chain all the daisies together -
Chain 20 stitches, then take one of your daisies and slip stitch the daisy at the point where you tied off. 
Then chain another 20 and add your next daisy and continue until you make a fabulous daisy chain. 

Happy Easter Decorating!
Much Love

Monday, 14 April 2014

Everyday Moments..

 A little Easter crochet for the fireplace..
Sunday bread baking..
His & hers creative corner..
I love the garden view from the dining table.. 
Happy herbs in the sunshine.. 

Much Love